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The side dish completes the main course - BRANDING, LOGO AND CORPORATE DESIGN

Behind every design there is a story

At Epu Design we build bold restaurant brands – we don’t just make pretty logos in pretty colours, we show what makes your business unique! Proper branding determines what feelings are triggered in your guests. Your business should therefore not only appeal to you, but also to your target group.

Our creative approach to restaurant branding and communication allows our team to develop bold and relevant restaurant brands that exceed guest expectations and successfully position themselves in the market. We help you tell your story.

Whether it's outdoor chalkboards, menus or promotional material. We focus on outstanding logos.

We design menus to be easy to read, quick to change and easy to maintain. And above all, look stunning!

We develop branding for a variety of uses - merchandise, uniforms, trucks, towels and even tableware.